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Undercoating to Protect

Since 1999, Burkholder Auto Net Work in Welland, ON has been one of the leading providers and of vehicle undercoating services. What makes our award winning undercoating centre unique is that we have offered the same product at the same price since 1999. Our service technicians have extensive experience in undercoating all makes and models of vehicles. We are extremely thorough in their approach, as we make sure everything is accounted for, from the undercarriage to the doors, we cover every nook and cranny! 

Win the Battle Against Rust and Corrosion

Undercoating your vehicle is an extremely crucial step towards protecting it from rust and corrosion. This is integral to the undercarriage of your vehicle, which normally comes into contact with substances that are harmful to your car.

Water, salt, chemicals, dirt, and debris can potentially cause long-term damage to your vehicle, affecting its overall performance. Without adequate protection, the bottom of your vehicle will rust and corrode, which eventually leads to the failure of your vehicle's structure. 

With our undercoating treatment, your vehicle will have a definite advantage in the fight against rust. 

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Same Product- Same Price- Since 1999
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